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General Recruting Information & Links
This page is designed to assist each student athlete with the necessary tools to help with the college recruiting process.

Here are a few tips from college coaches in how to get the recruiting process started:
  • Familiarize yourself with the NCAA recruiting rules (see link section below).
  • Make a list of the top 5 schools you are interested in attending as a student.
  • Send introduction emails to the coaches of those 5 schools (see example below).
  • If you don’t hear back from those 5 schools move onto your next 5 schools and repeat the above process.
  • Be realistic in your abilities when determining your schools (DI top ten vs DI bottom 10, then DII & DIII).
  • Do not waste you money on a recruiting website or service.  THIS ADVICE CAME DIRECTLY FROM A DI COACH!  Spend that money on a good video camera and editing software.
  • Coaches are looking for potential players who are aggressively contacting the coach vs. waiting for the coach to reach out to the player.
  • When you have the opportunity to visit a college or coach dress appropriately!  Dress as a student, not a lacrosse player (collared shirt, khaki shorts, appropriate shoes – not lacrosse tees & shorts).
  • Be realistic with your skill level.  Most DI schools have their incoming freshman recruiting class completed by the fall of your junior year. 
  • If you have not been recruited by a DI school by your junior year there is a fair chance you will not.   Some players will find a home with a DI school, but the majority of players need  to move on to DII & DIII programs.  Remember, you are deciding on a college for your FUTURE & EDUCATION, not for a lacrosse team.

Below are links to various website & documents you can access to help you find the right fit for college, and possibly an opportunity to be part of their men's lacrosse program.


State of Recruiting:  In an effort to keep players and parents updated on what is happening with college recruiting we try to get out a general note regarding the current environment, and related action plans. 

To view the State of Recruiting document click here.

NCAA sports sponsorships:  This link will take you to the NCAA's sports sponship webpage.  From here you will be able to see which colleges and universities offer men's athletic programs by sport, and by division.  Once you visit the site you will need to select the sport, then division, then run the report.  Once the report is complete, selecet your schools the click on the link to take you directly to that school's athletic site.  Start with 5 schools, but create a back up list of at least another 5 schools.

NCAA Sports Sponsorship page.

NCAA Recriuting Overview:  The link below takes you to the NCAA's recruiting overview page.  From here you can get a general overview of the recruiting process.

NCAA Recruiting Overview.

NCAA Recruiting Calendar:  The link below will take you to the NCAA's recruiting calendar.  From here you can get a general overview of the recruiting time frames, contact period, quite period,  dead periods, etc...

NCAA Recruiting Calendar.

NCAA Eligibility Center:  Every prospective high school studen-athlete must register with the NCAA Eligiblity Center in order to participate in collegiate athletics.  The Eligibilty Center also gives an overview of what high school courses the student-athlete must take and complete in order to qualify academically for college.

NCAA Eligibilty Center

Recruiting Checklists:  Every athlete needs a game plan for recruiting success.  However, most recruits are unsure which steps to take and when to take them.  Below are links to  recruiting checklists for athletes broken down by grade to insure you are not missing any important items.