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Baltimore, MD
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Rules and Concepts

Commitment - Varsity and JV is expected to attend all practices and tournaments, no other non-team play is allowed without coach approval; U-15 is expected to make the practices and tournaments a priority and keep the coaches informed

Notice - for emergency problems notice to the coaches needs to be made ASAP

Playing Time - will be done evenly except for last 5 minutes, shortage of playing time cannot be made up game to game, need to earn EMO and MDD opportunity, Players will be placed in there selected position.  At the coach's discretion, players may be moved into more advantageous positions for the benefit of the team.  We believe that this will showcase the player's skill diversity and provide the best play for the rest of the team.

Conflicts with High School Team - allowed and is considered an emergency if high school provides late notice

Roster Size - 22

Alternates - none at varsity, possible at JV, several at U-15

Player Skill Evaluations - done during winter sessions

Long Term Injury - will carry, if we need to add a player we will try to manage within the groups but may need to expand the roster, if we can add a guest player the roster will be readjusted upon return of the injured player

Rosters - Players can move between teams to fill a roster, however; all players will be set on the roster of their class

Character Evaluations - need to be completed with player performance eval, copy to be attached