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Baltimore, MD
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Lax World Lacrosse Club (LWLC)

Mission Statement

To be competitive in the game of lacrosse while at the same time emphasizing the importance of communications, leadership, team work, commitment, honesty and integrity while playing. With an expectation that the players will respect everyone associated with the game.

Objectives - "The Three C's"

COMPETITIVE  We want to field teams that shares a joy derived from the struggle itself - the journey, the contest. To strive for a personal greatness that cannot be diminished, dismissed, or derided because of the final score. As long as the players adhere to the rules-regulations, carry this competitive spirit and are capable of contributing at the given level of play or within the desired skill set parameters, they are a part of LWLC.

CHARACTER  We want everyone associated with LWLC (players, parents, and coaches) to be of good character, in terms of their interaction with anyone when they are representing the club.  Anyone can be defined as another teammate, an opponent, a referee, a coach, a parent, etc.  Key characters traits are team spirit, self control, friendship, loyalty, cooperation and enthusiasm.

COMMITMENT  The hard struggle is welcomed at LWLC. In fact, the only thing to fear is the unwillingness to make a full 100% effort to prepare and perform at the highest level of your ability. Every individual needs to be committed to the practices and tournaments, once the dates are known. The sport of the season school teams always takes priority over LWLC.